“Triplets & The Dream City”

    There were Young Triplets born in a slum near river. They used to help mother picking up litter in the city, across the river, after school. In the evening when its little dark, they would come and often sit at the shore looking at the beautiful glowing skyline dreaming to make it their home.

    From the time they could understand, they could feel the difference in the treatment they got and the other people in city. They could see the difference of their school uniforms and school buildings. They could see the city kids playing on green playgrounds in proper kits whereas they found themselves on the broken streets of slum barefooted playing with a ball made of tore clothes. City people always considered them as a trash and looked down upon them. But in return, they never hated them and swallowed all the hatred. Like a dustbin keeping all garbage inside.

Triplets and The Dream 

Triplets and The Dream 

    After returning home, they used to study while their mother was cooking. Once the dinner was over, mother used to tell them stories before going to sleep. Many a times they used to interrupt mother and asked if they could join those big schools and live in the city. But every time mother told them,

“Humari itani aukat kaha, acchhe se padho likho to acchiisi naukri lagegi to waha rehane jayenge, to apne bacchho ko padhana waha”

    And those innocent triplets slept with the wide smile, eager to wake up early and go to school.

    I wonder why they always smiled on the same response, every time. Every time they smiled it was like they were told this for the first time. They never got used to the same response again n again as if it was the only road between the life they lived and their dream city.

    They continued to sit at their favourite place looking up to the skyline waiting, to accomplish their dream one day!

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