unseenstories by avi



Avinash Chavan

 When I started my job as design engineer, I never thought I would bump into photography career. It was like, I am made to be a photographer.  I enjoy photographing people and freezing the present to relive it in future. This aspect of photography fascinates me a lot.  

      The photographs you take is a direct projection of you as a person; the emotions you share, feel and the dignity to freeze it in flaw-less frame. So they will be as relevant as many years down the line as they are now.

      I consider wedding photography as a form of photojournalism. I consider them as stories which are most of the time remain unseen by the ones who & for whom it happens. Bride-Groom and close relatives are the busiest people who hardly enjoy and get to see the drama and fun happening around them. This is where I come in picture not as a  photographer but as a friend looking at your stories unfolding and I make sure that I freeze moments so you can relive them in future.





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